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Elite Graphic Designs was founded back in 2006 by Felicia who at the time was in middle school. At a young age, Felicia was taught to seek to be the head and not the tail. All throughout her time in school, they taught the students to seek to get an education to get a “good job”, but always to work for someone. From her time in elementary to middle school, Felicia would repair the school computers, as her mother a stay-at-home wife & mother, had already established The Computer Shop, which is now rated #1 in the Southeast Texas area! Learning from her mother and the instructions given by the Messenger Xmeah ShaEla’ReEl, Felicia was able to start her own business in Graphic Designing. Since then, Elite Graphic Designs has been up and operational, do work for people and large organizations such as the Lamar University Frisbee Team “Dark Matter!”

We no longer have a physical location for clients to visit, but maintain our work through online services. We have taken our work to the streets and highways as Evangelists, doing the Will of God! Matthew 22:9-10: “Go you therefore into the highways, and as many as you shall find, bid to the marriage.  So those servants went out into the highways, and gathered together all as many as they found, both bad and good: and the wedding was furnished with guests.” To learn more about the Evangelistic Ministry, please visit www.7th-xmeah.com or to donate please do so at https://paypal.me/3rdmessenger or https://www.paypal.me/WordOnWheels

We are often asked why our rates are so low. Here is why: “I remembered a dream from long ago that showed two car salesmen! One salesman sold Mercedes Benz, and the other one sold another brand of car! The Mercedes Benz salesman said, “I can sell just one car; and, I will make this amount of money!” The other salesman said, “I can sell ten cars; and, I can make the same amount of money that you make!” The one salesman sold more cars at a cheaper price: so, more people were able to own a car! I saw this being spoken about on a television show last night! A certain builder sold his services at a high price: but, he did not do quality work! But, another builder sold his services at a cheaper price, plus he did quality work! He considered the people more than the money! Which would you say showed more of the qualities of Jesus Christ? Amen!”

In all things that we do, we do it as if we are doing this for the Lord! We are called Children of Christ of America, and we aim to show people the True Ways of Christ, and not all of these false practices of these so-called Christians have been showing for so many years. That is why Christianity is hated so much, because of the False-Christians and the ways they displayed.

Honesty & Integrity are our practices not only in business but in all parts of life. We have always said that in the end, we all will have to give account to God for our actions in this world. Our souls are worth more than a few dollars.

Once we were part of a Computer Shop, and if it be God’s Will we will open a computer repair place again, but as of now being on the road, we can only do online services. We have seen and heard of how many businesses are out to cheat people, but that is not us. When we worked on computers, we saw cases whereby a customer would bring in a computer that would not power up. It could be something as simple as a power supply, or a bad memory stick. We would inform the customer and replace it. Then they would tell us about when they took it to another place, they were told it was not worth fixing, and given the option to donate it. This was mainly heard about people who did not have much computer knowledge or have very high-end or expensive equipment, which was not expensive to have fixed. Dishonest business practices as seen all throughout the world. But, when you choose Elite Graphic Designs, you will not have to worry about dishonesty, because we treat all people the same. A regular end-user needing just a resume or flyer gets the same treatment and professionalism as a big company or organization does! Are we not all children of the same Father (God) and Mother (Earth)?

Some say that you should keep God and business separate….. That is not so with us! We give God Glory and Honor in all that we do! It is by Him that this company was founded and kept! So He is mentioned in all things! He is the One that draws the customers! He maintains us! We will in no wise forget Who it was that got us started, and has kept us this long! We are not here only to help people with afforadable graphic design work, but to also brings souls to Christ! That is our Mission, to Bring Souls to Christ!

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